Reasons to Avoid Exact Match Keywords in Your Domain Name

Keywords in Your Domain Name

For your page to rank better, you need to include a keyword or combination of them in your domain name. You think so? You are right, but this notion worked better in the days before 2012. During this period, you could use your preferred keywords as the domain names and put your site on the first page of the Google engine.

But in 2012, things changed.

Keywords became the obsolete determiner of your site rank.  In fact, the sites with exact match domain names suffered a crunch as they found their way out of the first page in Google. With this information in mind, here are additional reasons why you need to avoid exact-match domain names:

a)    Content quality is what matters

Website content is destined to woo humans. It is aimed at helping people find a solution to their problems or a product/service. As such, regardless of the domain name, if the content is irrelevant to the visitor or the issue in question whether your site has a keyword as part of the web address, it won’t rank on the first page.

For this reason, matching site with target niche is not necessarily important. Instead, you should focus on your energy on creating quality content other than using the exact-match keyword in your domain name. Unless you can reverse the calendar to the days before 2012, the approach will hurt your site than giving you an upper hand.

b)   It is not the keywords but your branding activities that matters

Before 2012, if you wanted to appear on the first page in the search engine, all you need is incorporating keywords in your domain name. You did not have to hassle for backlinks or branding. This aspect opened a room for a mushrooming of long-tail keyword usage. However, Google raised its ax. Today, ranking on the first page is not an easy ride.

You need to invest a lot of time and revenue in branding your site. Also, you need to have backlinks and high traffics to earn a top 100 position on Google. As such, regardless, of matching your domain name with niche keyword, if you do not brand it, your rank position will never tilt.

Final thoughts

As you can see, keywords are no longer an issue on your Web Hosting. Whether you use them or not, they will have limited impact on your site ranking. Also, branding activity and how you interact with other web users who refer their peers to your site is what defines your rank on the search engine.