Avoid These 3 Mistakes When Registering Your Domain Name

Registering Your Domain Name

When you think about moving your business or organization to the virtual world, a website is the first thing to have on board. A website is your address that people use to reach you in the digital arena. Like in the physical world, you must state your location clearly. In the internet arena, your domain name is your legal identity.

Like normal identity numbers, no one can share your domain name unless you sell it to them. For this reason, in your domain name registration process, you need to take precautions to avoid errors. Here are 3 mistakes you need to be cautious about:

a)    Creating an email address for domain registration and forgetting it

One of the killer mistakes you can make in this process is creating an email address just for the sake of domain name registration. After completing the process, forget everything about that email. This aspect can be liked to buying a vehicle and throwing away the logbook. If the car is stolen, how can you claim it back? The same question can apply to your domain name.

Remember, this email address is what connects you to the registrar. So, if something goes wrong, how can you reach the registrar? As such, you need to keep your email in a safe place. Or else, register an email address that is easy to recall at any time.

b)   Failing to protect your registration data

Due to its availability on the public domain under the Whois, information about a given website may be used by spammers or telemarketers. Fortunately, almost every registrar has a plan for protecting your domain information through privatization.

 However, not all domain names can be protected. For instance, names ending with .us extensions do not enjoy this option. Therefore, you should be careful when selecting extension for your website if you want to protect your registration data.

c)    Losing your registration login

Another mistake some site owners make is losing their registration logins. Your logins are the gate pass to your site. If you do not protect them, a person with bad intention can access them and put you out of the virtual world. Remember, the logins are like your keys. If you lose the keys, you stay out of your house. In this essence, you should always be conscious about your site logins. Ensure they are safe and only accessible to authorized persons.

And those are some of the mistakes you need to avoid when and after registering your domain name.