3 Places to Register a Domain Name For Free

Domain Name For Free

The first step in joining the internet world is to have a domain name. To complete the registration process, you need to pay some minimal fees. As a newbie, you may not have the required cash to cater for your registration fee. For this reason, you may be seeking for a way to register a domain name for free.

Unfortunately, there are no lifetime free domain names. However, some hosting and domain registrars offer free domain registration from time to time.  Others offer certain conditions for one to enjoy these services. Here are some of them:

a)    1and1

1and1 is one of the leading domain registrars. From time to time, this company runs offers in their hosting packages where they offer you one free domain name. Also, a registry may introduce a new extension which they want to market. However, they may not have the revenue to carry the marketing activities.

As such, they contract this company to market them. In this situation, 1and1 offers free domain registration to any person seeking to include the new domain extension in their domain name. However, you will have to pay the renewal fee for the second year and beyond.

b)   GoDaddy

Are you looking to register multiple domain names? If so, Godaddy is the place for you. Apart from offering a customer based hosting packages, Godaddy goes to an extra mile of offering free domain registration. However, this benefit goes to only the clients registering five and more domain names.

Even though you get this service for free, the company does not offer free private registration.  Otherwise, if you are only registering one name, be ready to go deep your pocket. So, if you are seeking multiple domain names, GoDaddy is your preference.

c)    Wix.com

Apart from offering you hosting that can help you rank better or the search engine, (as you know, SEO optimization is critical to enhancing your online visibility) Wix.com offers you free domain registration.

However, to enjoy this option, you must upgrade your website to a yearly premium package. So if you are in need of this services and hosting your site with them, then you should go for an upper premium package. All in all, if you need an SEO optimized and free registration package, then Wix.com should be your choice.

Final thoughts

In a word, there is no lifetime free domain name registration. Hence, if you want to enjoy free services, you must meet the laid down conditions.